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Glock vs M&P

Glock is without a doubt the most popular pistol around, and for good reason, its a durable, reliable and all around solidly designed pistol. There is however another pistol on the market that is taking a shot at the title of “Most Popular Pistol” and thats the Smith & Wesson M&P series polymer pistols.

Lets compare the two pistols and see how they stack up.

First off let’s look at the triggers. The Glock trigger is a little spongy when firing from the forwardmost position, and has a bit of takeup before the break but is very crisp breaking trigger with a short reset. The M&P is equally as spongy (at least for the first few hundred rounds out of the box) but with a longer take up and slightly longer reset. It does however have an overall more consistent trigger pull between letting the trigger out to the reset point of all the way forward. I’ll give the Glock a slight edge out of the box but not much since after about 250 rounds I actually began to perfer the M&P trigger.

Next we’ll look at the magazines. Both mags work well and have no issues. The M&P either come in stainless or melonite coated stainless and drop free perfectly. Th Glock mags Perform just as well but have the polymer coating that adds some durability to them. I’ll give the edge to the Glock mags definitely for their durability.

Next will be the controls, your slide lock and mag release. On both pistols they function the same and for my money I see neither as being better then the other since they are both easy to operate. The M&P controls do give you a little more area to to get a grip on so for those of you out there who like to replace your Glock controls for extended controls you might like the M&P better out of the box. I’ll call this one even as they both function as they should.

Now let’s talk about the ergonomics of the pistols. The Glock is not known for its comfortable grip, it was designed as a military sidearm, nothing more nothing less, it was designed to work, not be ergonomic. The M&P on the other hand is a very ergonmic pistol and very comfortable to shoot. The edge definitely goes to the M&P.

Looks are the next thing we’ll discuss and hands down this goes to the M&P. The Glock is a very utilitarian looking pistol due to its afore mentioned design, and theres nothing wrong with that and I do know more than a few people who see the beauty in the Glock’s simple design, but the M&P is a much better looking pistol.

Finally we’ll look at the reliability and durability of these pistols. There is no doubt that even though the Glock has had much more time to prove itself that both of these pistols are equally as reliable and durable. Both pistols have been designed with rugged durability in mind. This one is a tie.

So bottom line is this, the Glock is a fantastic pistol and it will be the king for a long time I’m sure, but the M&P is for all intents and purposes an upgraded Glock. It takes everything we love about the Glock and adds better ergonomics and better looks. Either one of these pistols will serve you well for a long time.

Budget Firearm Options

Alot of people think that to adequately defend yourself either in a home defense, self defense or even a SHTF situation that you must have the latest and greatest, high tech, more than likely expensive firearm. That however, this is just not true.

There are many firearm options out there that won’t break the bank and will serve you well. Remember that the most important part of having a firearm is being able to efficiently use that firearm.

Lets go over a few of the options available that while not top of the line or name brand, are good quality and affordable.

1) Hi-Point – Now I personally think these things look like a brick strapped to the top of a watergun but the fact is that they work, I’ve put many rounds down the barrel of a Hi-Point and never had any issues, and with an average price of under $150 you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

2) Phoenix Arms HP-22 – Now alot of people will cry foul because of the .22 caliber, but I dare someone to want to take 10 shots center mass of .22lr or even one shot for that matter. The HP-22 is a great little firearm, I’ve put well over 2500 rounds through mine with no issues. Add to that its small and concealable size, the lifetime warranty that comes with it and a price of around $120 and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal for a new gun.

3) Mosin Nagant rifle or carbine – Now many people are aware of these rifles and chances are you may have one already or know someone who does. The short and sweet of it is that for around $100 or so you can own a 30 caliber rifle with great accuracy out to about 300 yards that’ll be a man stopper if you ever needed to use it, nevermind the hunting applications. Sure its a little big for a typical home defense situation but it sure beats a baseball bat because you didn’t have the money for a Glock.

4) Single Shot Shotgun – There are many models and makes of single shot shotguns and they come in many calibers, but these things are great. They usually run well under $150 even for new ones and I’ve seen used ones go for as little as $50. Sure they’re only a single shot action but with a little practice and a buttstock shell holder you can get pretty quick at reloading. Not to mention if you buy something in a 12 gauge you hopefully won’t need more than one shot anyway, and when everything is said and done you’ve got a great hunting tool.

So those are just a few ideas on budget firearm options. Sure there are many other affordable firearms out there and we could spend all day talking about them but just use this as a guideline and figure out what works best for you. Remember that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get the job done.

The Importance of Voting

Voting is something that many people seem to have lost the desire for. It used to be that voting was considered a priviledge and responsibility to be taken seriously.

It seems though as of late that its viewed more as a chore to be ignored or a hassle that takes too much time and effort. We have forgotten that its our duty as citizens to do our part to help govern ourselves by voting for those with whom we feel best represent our interests.

The 2008 presidential election saw a record turnout of registered voters, the largest turnout in 30 years, and that turnout was only 28%.

Now I don’t know about you but that percentage really kind of pisses me off. It makes me realize just how lazy we’ve become as a nation when it comes to taking part in our government.

I think people have forgotten that we are the most important part of government. We the individual, and our rights and freedoms are supposed to be the most important and cherished part of this country and of our government, and part of the way we ensure that is by taking our responsibility to vote seriously.

Be assured that the politicians are perfectly happy catering to only the most devout portions of their constituency. The Right needs only to cater to the hardcore rightwing base and in turn the Left enjoys only needing to worry about taking care of the most liberal of voters. Both sides would be perfectly happy if it was only those people that are truely politically motivated to vote that they had to kiss up to.

If everyone started voting the politicians would run a much higher risk of having to keep their promises and suffer the consequences when they didn’t. More active voters means more accountability in government.

So next time an election comes around, whether Federal, State or local, take the time out of your day to do your duty as a citizen. Voting is a priviledge provided to us with the blood of our forefathers, we owe them and ourselves the respect to take that priviledge seriously.

AR15 Custom Look Budget Price

Buying an AR can be a daunting task, especially if its your first time. Deciding what to buy and how much to spend can be an endless chore. If your like me and don’t feel like spending $1000 on a stock rifle only to then spend another $300 to $400 in accessories to get the custom look you want then I might have a few tips for you on how to get a quality rifle for an affordable price.

1) Make the decision to build the rifle yourself – It may seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t dificult at all, anyone with even a basic knowlage tools and a little common sense can put one together very easily with a little help from any number of tutorial videos available on youtube and elswhere.

2) Buy a stripped lower – This is very easily done, it’s the only part of the rifle considered a firearm because it has the serial number on it, so it’ll have to be bought from an FFL or ordered online then shipped to your local FFL. The cost one these start at around $50 to $60 and you shouldn’t need to spend much more than that to get one. In the end you’ll drop about $100 for the lower, shipping and FFL transfer costs.

3) Buy a rifle kit – Many companies sell these kits, it usually consists of a completely assembled upper (upper receiver, barrel, front sight, handguards, colt carrier group and charging handle all assembled), a lower parts kit to install in your stripped lower, a pistol grip and stock. These kits can be had for about $450 give or take from companies like Del-Ton, Blackthorne & Palmetto State Armory.

4) Start adding accessories – Heres a list of a few accessories that will give your rifle that custom $1200 look.

Magpul Rear MBUS Flip-up sight – $49.99

Magpul B.A.D. Laever – $22.95

Magpul Polymer MOE Trigger Guard – $8.95

Magpul XTM Rail Covers (3 sets) – $21.00 ($7.00 each)

UTG Quad-Rail carbine length – $29.99

Blackhawk Ergo Grip – $19.99

Pro-mag Vertical Grip – $8.99

YHM Phantom Flash Supressor – $24.95

Spike’s Tactical Nickel Boron Battle Trigger – $59.95

Spike’s Tactical Complete Bolt Carrier Group – $109.95

Polished Charging handle – Free (DIY project)

Total for upgrades – $356.71

Most of these accessories and many others depending on your preference can be found at places like AIM surplus or Cheaper Than Dirt online.

So once you’ve done all that you’ll end up with a quality custom look rilfe for under $900, and if you just want a stock rifle you can leave off the accessories and have a rifle for under $600 that will do you better than most other out of the box rifles that cost upwards of $800.

First Time Pistol Buyers Guide

For the first time buyer choosing a pistol can be quite a chore. You might spend hours online researching certain models on forums and blogs, or you may just be talking to friends with firearms experience in the hopes that they’ll lead you in the right direction.

Whatever way you decide to go, I’d like to throw out a few guidelines for choosing a pistol that might help you out along the way.

1) Purpose – you need to decide what you plan on using this pistol for. Will it be for home defense, concealed carry, fun at the range, a vehicle gun or hunting. Figuring this out will help you to figure out what will and won’t work for you. A good example is if your looking for a good concealed carry pistol you might want to stay away from larger full sized pistols.

2) Type – This refers to choosing between a semi-auto pistol or a revolver. Both have their pros and cons but both will work for just about whatever you may be looking for. A semi auto has the advantage of having a larger capacity (usually) and will be quicker to reload while a revolver is much simpler and easy to operate and generally speaking is a more consistently reliable handgun because of its simplicity.

3) Caliber – This is important for a couple of reasons. First you want to make sure you choose a caliber that you can comfortably handle otherwise you might not practice with the gun as much as you should and become proficient with it. Second you don’t want to choose a caliber that may be expensive to stock up on and may cost too much to really shoot.

4) Personal Preference – This may be your first gun but you may be already familiar with certain firearms and already be comfortable with certain brands or calibers. This definitely should be taken into consideration as you don’t want to purchase a pistol that you’ll later regret.

5) Feel in the hand/Shoot it – Many first time gun buyers tend to underestimate the usefullness of just holding a pistol in the hand when it comes to making a decision about buying, and getting a chance to shoot that gun is an even better option.

So thats it, those are the basics of buying your first, or even tenth pistol. Remember that a little time and effort before hand can save you alot of time spent trading off or selling the gun down the road.

Bug Out Bag Basics

Ultimately when it comes to determining what should be in your Bug Out Bag, or BOB, will depend on you personally and your situation and needs, but if your just begining to look into putting together a BOB here are some items you might take into consideration.

Fixed Blade Knife – This should be of good quality with at least a 4 1/2″ blade

Flashlight – Good quality with extra batteries

Fire starting materials – This could be matches, lighter, fire steel, lighter fluid, cotton or other starter material, or any combination thereof

Chopping tool – This could be a thick durable machete or hachet or some other qualified tool

Duct tape – At least 20ft

550 Para-cord – At least 100ft

Water purification – This could be a small filtration system, purification tablets, strei-pen or any good purification system

Water container

3 Days of food – This should be something like freeze dried packets, jerky, MRE’s or any stable food that requires little to no preperation

Compass – Good quality

One set of Two-Way Radios

Extra Clothing and Footwear


Small tool kit – Keep it simple, a couple of small screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench and a pair of plyers

Emergency Radio – Small pocket emergency radio with headphones

Med-Kit – This should cover the basics of first-aid and trauma care, gauze, tape, blood-clotter (QuickClo or Hem-Con), tylenol, ibuprophen, asprin, antibiotic ointment, alcohol swabs, rubber gloves, tourniquet and suture kit

Now of course this list doesn’t cover everything and depending on your needs your kit may be much more involved than this, but these are the basics and a good place to start when putting together a BOB.

Doomsday Preppers Review

Just the term “Doomsday Preppers” elicits all kinds of horrible images to the imagination, and rightfully so. This was after all I believe the intent of the producers and creators of the new National Geographic Channel’s show on the prepping phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.

The show itself, from the opening voiceover and imagery to the dramatic music, is intended to show preppers in a shocking light. Now to try and figure out wether this is done to draw criticism or admiration of the preppers on the show is missing the point. The point is to gain viewership through “shock and awe” by highlighting the seemably extreme nature of the prepping lifestyle.

In the two premier episodes that aired Tuesday night there were a large variety of different prepping lifestyles, points of view, theories about what to prep for and personalities. This made for a very entertaining show and one that I see gaining popularity at least for the first season. But the question is, what light does this put preppers in?

I ask this question as a prepper myself and I think the answer is a little more complicated than a simple good or bad. The preppers taking part in the first two episodes varried greatly when it comes to personality and motivation for prepping. Some seemed very normal and down to earth with good reasons for deciding to prepare for possible bad times and others seemed just a little too far out there for me.

I think this combination will ultimately serve to bring a balance to the show (if done right) that will give an overall unbiased look into the prepping lifestyle. I even walked away seeing several things that these preppers were doing that are things I plan to try out myself.

All in all if you walk into this thinking that being a prepper is a good thing then you’ll probably have a positive attitude about what you see, and if you go in thinking that preppers are crazy then your attitude probably won’t change any. If however your undecided, well you might just be suprised and if nothing else, at least be entertained.