SWAT Responder Budget Range Bag Review

Most if us have tried too many bags and packs to count when it comes to carrying and storing our gear, wether its for a trip to the range or a permanent home for some of your gear. So I’m happy to say that after 2 years of using and abusing the SWAT Responder Range bag, that its held up amazingly, especially when you consider the purchase price, which we’ll get to in a minute.

The bag measures in at 17″ long 13″ wide 8″ deep.

It comes with a front and rear pocket with MOLLE, and the front pocket comes with 7 mag pouches (although only 4 of them can accommodate a double stack mag) and both pockets come with a velcro attached, removable pistol pocket.

It also has 2 side pockets with a main compartment and a zipper outside pocket covered in MOLLE

Of course the main compartment is the most important part of the bag and its well big enough to handle just about whatever ammo, pistols or accessories you throw at it. It also includes 2 removable, velcro attached dividers for the main compartment (although you’ll hardly have a need to use them).

It comes with a shoulder strap and double wrap-around carrying handles which are nothing special, but work as expected.

The 2 biggest concerns I had upon first inspection of this bag was the hooks & D-rings for the shoulder straps and the zippers on the bag. However, even though those at first sight appear to be the weakest points on the bag, they have held up very well over 2 years of use.

The zippers are touted as being water proof as is the rest of the bag and I can say that after taking this to the range several times in the rain, they do work as advertised.

My average trip to the range involves around 20 to 30 lbs of pistols, ammo & accessories thrown into this bag and drug to the range 2 to 3 times a month for the last 2 years, thats no light duty use for something of this size.

On to the price.

Two years ago I picked this up on cheaperthandirt.com on sale for $19.97 + shipping. Now regular price on this is $29.97 but several times a year CTD does put it on sale.

At that price and with all the storage and durability you get with the SWAT Responder its a hell of a deal. All in all I can easily recommend this for anyone as an excellent option for a budget range bag or even your main gear bag, because regardless of the price, it holds up to the more expensive competition on the market.

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