AR15 Custom Look Budget Price

Buying an AR can be a daunting task, especially if its your first time. Deciding what to buy and how much to spend can be an endless chore. If your like me and don’t feel like spending $1000 on a stock rifle only to then spend another $300 to $400 in accessories to get the custom look you want then I might have a few tips for you on how to get a quality rifle for an affordable price.

1) Make the decision to build the rifle yourself – It may seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t dificult at all, anyone with even a basic knowlage tools and a little common sense can put one together very easily with a little help from any number of tutorial videos available on youtube and elswhere.

2) Buy a stripped lower – This is very easily done, it’s the only part of the rifle considered a firearm because it has the serial number on it, so it’ll have to be bought from an FFL or ordered online then shipped to your local FFL. The cost one these start at around $50 to $60 and you shouldn’t need to spend much more than that to get one. In the end you’ll drop about $100 for the lower, shipping and FFL transfer costs.

3) Buy a rifle kit – Many companies sell these kits, it usually consists of a completely assembled upper (upper receiver, barrel, front sight, handguards, colt carrier group and charging handle all assembled), a lower parts kit to install in your stripped lower, a pistol grip and stock. These kits can be had for about $450 give or take from companies like Del-Ton, Blackthorne & Palmetto State Armory.

4) Start adding accessories – Heres a list of a few accessories that will give your rifle that custom $1200 look.

Magpul Rear MBUS Flip-up sight – $49.99

Magpul B.A.D. Laever – $22.95

Magpul Polymer MOE Trigger Guard – $8.95

Magpul XTM Rail Covers (3 sets) – $21.00 ($7.00 each)

UTG Quad-Rail carbine length – $29.99

Blackhawk Ergo Grip – $19.99

Pro-mag Vertical Grip – $8.99

YHM Phantom Flash Supressor – $24.95

Spike’s Tactical Nickel Boron Battle Trigger – $59.95

Spike’s Tactical Complete Bolt Carrier Group – $109.95

Polished Charging handle – Free (DIY project)

Total for upgrades – $356.71

Most of these accessories and many others depending on your preference can be found at places like AIM surplus or Cheaper Than Dirt online.

So once you’ve done all that you’ll end up with a quality custom look rilfe for under $900, and if you just want a stock rifle you can leave off the accessories and have a rifle for under $600 that will do you better than most other out of the box rifles that cost upwards of $800.

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