Are You a Prepper?

That seems to be a question that I hear more and more lately, one that suprisingly seems to be growing in popularity. Now as many may know, I am of course what you would call a prepper. I stock extra food, water and other supplies for those “Just In Case” situations that happen from time to time.

But what about you, are you a prepper? Well lets take a look at a few things and maybe ask a few questions that will tell you if you are a prepper, or if maybe you should be.

First off, do you live in an area where natural disasters happen if not frequently then steadily? You know, places like the south and southeast coasts with hurricanes, the Pacific rim with earthquakes, the north with snow storms or even good old “Tornado Alley”?

What about other bad situations, do you worry about things like a bad economy, loosing your job or seeing the country fall into a depression over bad economic policies?

If you answered yes to one or any of those questions then ask yourself this, have you made any preparations to be able to take care of yourself and your family if any of those situations happened?

If you have then you are a prepper, it may not be to the degree that some people prepare and are what you would consider a prepper, but you are a prepper.

You see thats all a prepper is, just someone who takes the time and consideration to show a little common sense and prepare for those things which may be likely to happen.

Now if you haven’t prepared for any of those possible events that could happen, then ask yourself another question. What would it hurt to be a little prepared for those situations?

Another way to look at it is this, do you have car insurance, home insurance, a spare tire, an emergency car kit, do you have an AAA membership, do you keep an umbrella in your car, or a flashlight in your house? These are all ways that your already preparing for things that haven’t happened yet and in many cases, hopefully won’t.

What we need to understand is that prepping is really just going back to doing things the way humans did them for thousands of years, we as a species used to prepare for the bad times, we stocked up on food for the winter, we prepared for the things that we hoped wouldn’t happen but knew might. We lived this way for a very long time and it kept us alive and well and somehow in the very recent past we’ve managed to loose that need and desire to prepare for those things, we’ve become lazy and spoiled by our Tv’s, Mcdonalds, Wal-marts & shopping malls. We’ve forgotten what it was like to be self sufficent and prepared for whatever situations might arise.

Prepping for bad times is just common sense and just a natual way of life that ensures we have the best chance to make through all that life has in store for us, nothing more, nothing less.

So ask yourself again ……… Am I a prepper?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself ……. Should I be?

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