Beginner’s Guide to the AR15

So you’ve finally done it, you’ve decided to go to the “Dark Side” and get a “Black Rifle”. The time has come to get your first AR15.

This is where I found myself a few months ago, so I’m going to give you an idea of what to expect as you begin building your first AR15 rifle.

First off, yes, regardless of wether you’re actually building the rifle piece by piece or wether your buying a complete rifle, you will be building it in one way or another.

Without a doubt the biggest upside and downside to the AR platform is the almost LEGO-like ability to change every single part on the rifle to suit your wants or needs. The ability to add as much or as little to the rifle almost at a whim.

The upsides to this are obvious, but the downside doesn’t show itself until its too late. The downside I’m talking about is the almost magical ability of the AR to almost literaly reach into your pocket and spend your money on all sorts of new accessories and gadgets to hang on itself, things that you never thought you’d want or need.

This almost Merlin-like ability doesn’t show up right away mind you, it takes time. You’ll find yourself spending more and more time online just “looking” at small needed items to upgrade your rifle.

Next thing you know you’ve decided to order a quad-rail, just incase you ever decide to buy any other accessories, but of course your fine with the rifle just as it is. Then once the quad-rail shows up and is installed you begin to think “Man, a good vertical grip would work good for this, and I might need some rail covers too”.

Before you know it once a week UPS is showing up to deliver yet another accessory for your AR. As time goes by, and the weeks roll into months, you decide to add up what you have in your rifle. This was a mistake, the shock is staggering, and you suddenly realize the horrible things that will happen if your wife ever finds out you’ve spent more on this rifle than you did on her engagement & wedding rings combined with this years Birthday and Christmas presents.

So there you sit, months later with a rifle now worth well over triple what you originally paid, fearing the thought of your credit card bill coming in, and yet ……. you just can’t take your eyes off the thing, you look forward to getting to the range this weekend just so you can show off all the new gadgets you’ve thrown on it since the last time you were here, and then the worry and fear about all the money you’ve spent just goes away.

You go to sleep dreaming of that next upgrade …… maybe a new bi-pod, or a nickel boron trigger, or maybe it’ll be that new stock you’ve been looking at, who knows. Then you drift away into a deep sleep with a satisfied smile on your face.

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