Bug Out Bag Basics

Ultimately when it comes to determining what should be in your Bug Out Bag, or BOB, will depend on you personally and your situation and needs, but if your just begining to look into putting together a BOB here are some items you might take into consideration.

Fixed Blade Knife – This should be of good quality with at least a 4 1/2″ blade

Flashlight – Good quality with extra batteries

Fire starting materials – This could be matches, lighter, fire steel, lighter fluid, cotton or other starter material, or any combination thereof

Chopping tool – This could be a thick durable machete or hachet or some other qualified tool

Duct tape – At least 20ft

550 Para-cord – At least 100ft

Water purification – This could be a small filtration system, purification tablets, strei-pen or any good purification system

Water container

3 Days of food – This should be something like freeze dried packets, jerky, MRE’s or any stable food that requires little to no preperation

Compass – Good quality

One set of Two-Way Radios

Extra Clothing and Footwear


Small tool kit – Keep it simple, a couple of small screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench and a pair of plyers

Emergency Radio – Small pocket emergency radio with headphones

Med-Kit – This should cover the basics of first-aid and trauma care, gauze, tape, blood-clotter (QuickClo or Hem-Con), tylenol, ibuprophen, asprin, antibiotic ointment, alcohol swabs, rubber gloves, tourniquet and suture kit

Now of course this list doesn’t cover everything and depending on your needs your kit may be much more involved than this, but these are the basics and a good place to start when putting together a BOB.

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