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Magazine Capacity – Is it Important?

In light of recent events the discussion of magazine capacity has been coming up alot lately. I have alot of old school friends who believe that 5 shots from a revolver is more than enough for any self defense situation and I think in many cases they’re right.

But what about those few times when more rounds may be the difference between life and death? What about those times when your aim just isn’t what it should be because as much as u train, when its a real situation, you might need more capacity to get rounds on target?

Capacity is something that over the last few years I’ve become more and more of a proponent of just based on my own ideology changing because of my turn towards prepping. Now I won’t get into any prepping tips in this article but one thing that has been impressed upon me because of prepping is that its always better to be overprepared than underprepared and I feel this should be just as relevant for self defense as it is for prepping.

I won’t start spouting off statistics (but I do encourage everyone to do their own research) but after doing my own studying on this topic I’ve found that the difference between stopping a threat and not stopping a threat was more dependent on rounds on target than it was caliber (not that it was the only factor, just a more determining factor). This told me that capacity is definitely an issue that should be addressed and considered when choosing a firearm for any defensive situation.

My recommendations are to carry the largest capacity firearm in a suitable self defense caliber (9mm and up in a semi-auto & .38spl & up in a revolver) in the size your able and willing to carry. So for instance if your willing to carry a full sized firearm then by all means carry a good doublestack .45acp pistol, that should give you at least 14+1 capacity which is a very effective package. If however your going to be carrying something like a compact or sub-compact firearm then your doing yourself a favor by going with a smaller caliber like 9mm that can give u greater capacity than a .45acp, especially in a sub compact where the difference can be 12+1 for a 9mm and 6+1 for a .45acp.

Again I always recommend doing your own research before making self defense decisions but keep these things in mind. I too was a all American .45acp loving Texas boy, born and raised, but after a little studying it became clear that while .45acp will always be #1 in my heart, it might not be right for every situation.

The Importance of Concealed Carry

With everything going on lately the topic of concealed carry has been on my mind alot. I find it almost laughable that so many people don’t understand how concealed carry can be such a valuable thing, especially in light of recent events.

I’ve had my license to conceal carry for over 5 years now and on more occasions than I’d like to admit I’ve left my gun at home for one reason or another, usually some reason that boiled down to me just being lazy. But again, in light of recent events its led me to see how important it is to make sure I carry at all times, to be prepared to defend myself, my family or whoever might need protection.

I’m putting out a call to everyone who can carry a firearm, to do so. There is just far to many things in this world that can catch us off guard and we need to be ready at all times to deal with these situations.

Maybe its just me but I can’t see our forefathers finding themselves in a situation where a group of hundreds of people gathered together can so easily be gunned down and not a single person has a firearm to help defend themselves and others.

To me it seems naive and irresponsible to assume that there is no need to worry about the evil in the world and assume that the police will be there to protect us.

We have to stand up and take responsibility for ourselves and those around us and be ready to defend and protect from the evil in the world.

Why is it that so many people feel safe when they see a police officer carrying a gun but the sight of a citizen carrying a gun ready to defend himself or herself and those around them, when they’re not being paid to do so, why is that such a strange or for some people horrible sight?

Imagine if everyone around you, everywhere you went had the mindset and mentality that if something happened that not only were they mentally ready to help deal with the situation but they had the means to do so as well ….. ie: they carried a firearm. Imagine how safe and protected you’d feel. Thats the world I want to live in.

So I encourage everyone who can carry to carry at all times, be ready and encourage others to be ready as well. We only have ourselves to depend on and we need to be the examples of what a true citizen is, we need to be the ones who are capable of standing up when bad things happen and make the choice to defend ourselves and others!

Tagua Leather Holster Review

Tagua gun leather goods are manufacturered in Paraguay and they make a wide variety of holsters, belts and other gun and gear related leather goods. I first ran across their company a year or so ago because a friend of mine has one of their OWB holsters for his Beretta 92fs and its a good solid holster.

About 5 or 6 months ago after my wife decided she wanted to get her concealed carry license and of course she wanted a new gun for carry and we ended up getting the Ruger LC9 for her. Well we needed a holster and so I started looking around on ebay to see what was out there. I ran across an IWB Tagua holster for the LC9 for about $30 bucks with free shipping and it looked solid so I ordered it.

I have to say that the holster looks a little plain, almost generic, but is made from a good think leather that holds its shape well and retains the pistol perfectly. There is no retantion screws or straps, so its all held tight by the leather and your belt but this seems to works great.

Almost 6 months of use (and yes I’ve carried it more than a few times myself) I can safely say that this is a good quality leather IWB holster and one I can easily recommend. It’s held up very well and it’s definitely a company that I’ll be looking at for my next holster purchase.

Blackhawk CQC Leather IWB Holster Review

Finding the right holster for concealed carry can be an exhaustive and expensive process that includes buying and trying out several different style and brands of holsters before eventually find the right one for the right situations.

We all know that depending on what we’re wearing and what time of year it is we’re probably using at least a couple different holsters for our carry pistol.

About 6 months ago I came across a Blackhawk CQC leather IWB holster, one I’d seen many times at various gunshops and sporting goods stores and quite frankly I mostly ignored them in favor of other less expensive or different style holsters.

This particular day though I decided to try it out since I had just picked up a new Glock 26 and I needed a holster for it and thought if I didn’t like it I’d just take it back. All I can say is that I now realize I’ve never made a better holster purchase.

The overall feel of the holster is great, its the perfect thickness to allow for secure retention and still be very comfortable inside the waistband up against the body. I’m a big proponent of having a good sweatguard on my holsters and this one completely covers the rear of the slide to protect the gun. The retention adjustment screw works as expected and allows u to perfectly adjust the tention on the triggerguard to your personal preference. I like the single loop design as it allows for easy one handed removal of the holster. The holster is perfect for any degree of carry, from middle of the back, strongside, appendix carry or cross draw. Also the holster has been a great choice for both cold weather and during this summer while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It also comes in a very large variety of models to fit just about any pistol or revolver on the market.

Overall, in my opinion the holster is as good or better than some custom holsters at almost twice the price. Needless to say I’ve been very pleased and can highly recommend this as a great choice for a CCW IWB holster.

Concealed Carry & Common Sense

Carrying a gun, is for many of us, simply our right and needs no further explaination. For some of us, it’s done out of necessity due to wanting to be able to defend ourselves or others in a dire situation. For the vast majority of us, it’s a little bit of both.

But something I think some people (only a very small minority of gun owners and carriers) have a problem understanding is that there are social and legal consequences when we exercize our right to carry a firerm, especially if we ever have to pull that weapon.

There is a degree of common sense that I believe the vast majority of gun owners and carriers have but that a few lack.

I was having a conversation the other day with a gentleman who teaches a CCW class and he got very offended by me saying that common sense should be used in a situation where if u see no direct threat or have reason to believe anyone is in danger, that the appropriate response should not be to interject yourself into a situation if your carrying a fiream, that a person should simply avoid the situation if there is no direct threat to you or others.

Now I personally thought this was simple common sense, that anyone would know that if your carrying a firearm you have to be a little more careful about the confrontations you find yourself in as they can quickly escalate, but the gentleman I was speaking to insisted that as a citizen he has a right to interject into a situation if he wants to and if he’s carrying a firearm it should make no difference.

I posed the question to him “Does carrying a gun somehow give you, or others, a boost in confidence to enter a situation that otherwise you wouldn’t enter? Because if the answer is yes, than I believe there is a problem A gun should not be used as a confidence boost. If you wouldn’t enter a situation WITHOUT your firearm, than you shouldn’t enter it WITH your firearm unless the situation requires the possible use of deadly force to protect a life”.

Well the conversation took a turn and along with being accused of being a liberal sympathizer (among other things) I was told that a gun IS to be used as a confidence boost for everyday life and thats what he uses his firearm for.

This is a scary thought considering this opinion comes from someone who teaches others about carrying a firearm.

The moral of the story is this, use common sense when carrying your firearm, realize that a gun is not the answer to every situation and that if your carrying a firearm, you are held to a higher standard (both socially & legally) of common sense and forethought in any situation you might find yourself in. It may seem idiotic to even say this to most gun owners, but it has become apparent to me that there are a few out there who have lost the ability to use common sense when it come to their guns.

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