Concealed Carry & Common Sense

Carrying a gun, is for many of us, simply our right and needs no further explaination. For some of us, it’s done out of necessity due to wanting to be able to defend ourselves or others in a dire situation. For the vast majority of us, it’s a little bit of both.

But something I think some people (only a very small minority of gun owners and carriers) have a problem understanding is that there are social and legal consequences when we exercize our right to carry a firerm, especially if we ever have to pull that weapon.

There is a degree of common sense that I believe the vast majority of gun owners and carriers have but that a few lack.

I was having a conversation the other day with a gentleman who teaches a CCW class and he got very offended by me saying that common sense should be used in a situation where if u see no direct threat or have reason to believe anyone is in danger, that the appropriate response should not be to interject yourself into a situation if your carrying a fiream, that a person should simply avoid the situation if there is no direct threat to you or others.

Now I personally thought this was simple common sense, that anyone would know that if your carrying a firearm you have to be a little more careful about the confrontations you find yourself in as they can quickly escalate, but the gentleman I was speaking to insisted that as a citizen he has a right to interject into a situation if he wants to and if he’s carrying a firearm it should make no difference.

I posed the question to him “Does carrying a gun somehow give you, or others, a boost in confidence to enter a situation that otherwise you wouldn’t enter? Because if the answer is yes, than I believe there is a problem A gun should not be used as a confidence boost. If you wouldn’t enter a situation WITHOUT your firearm, than you shouldn’t enter it WITH your firearm unless the situation requires the possible use of deadly force to protect a life”.

Well the conversation took a turn and along with being accused of being a liberal sympathizer (among other things) I was told that a gun IS to be used as a confidence boost for everyday life and thats what he uses his firearm for.

This is a scary thought considering this opinion comes from someone who teaches others about carrying a firearm.

The moral of the story is this, use common sense when carrying your firearm, realize that a gun is not the answer to every situation and that if your carrying a firearm, you are held to a higher standard (both socially & legally) of common sense and forethought in any situation you might find yourself in. It may seem idiotic to even say this to most gun owners, but it has become apparent to me that there are a few out there who have lost the ability to use common sense when it come to their guns.

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