Doomsday Preppers Review

Just the term “Doomsday Preppers” elicits all kinds of horrible images to the imagination, and rightfully so. This was after all I believe the intent of the producers and creators of the new National Geographic Channel’s show on the prepping phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.

The show itself, from the opening voiceover and imagery to the dramatic music, is intended to show preppers in a shocking light. Now to try and figure out wether this is done to draw criticism or admiration of the preppers on the show is missing the point. The point is to gain viewership through “shock and awe” by highlighting the seemably extreme nature of the prepping lifestyle.

In the two premier episodes that aired Tuesday night there were a large variety of different prepping lifestyles, points of view, theories about what to prep for and personalities. This made for a very entertaining show and one that I see gaining popularity at least for the first season. But the question is, what light does this put preppers in?

I ask this question as a prepper myself and I think the answer is a little more complicated than a simple good or bad. The preppers taking part in the first two episodes varried greatly when it comes to personality and motivation for prepping. Some seemed very normal and down to earth with good reasons for deciding to prepare for possible bad times and others seemed just a little too far out there for me.

I think this combination will ultimately serve to bring a balance to the show (if done right) that will give an overall unbiased look into the prepping lifestyle. I even walked away seeing several things that these preppers were doing that are things I plan to try out myself.

All in all if you walk into this thinking that being a prepper is a good thing then you’ll probably have a positive attitude about what you see, and if you go in thinking that preppers are crazy then your attitude probably won’t change any. If however your undecided, well you might just be suprised and if nothing else, at least be entertained.

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