Glock vs M&P

Glock is without a doubt the most popular pistol around, and for good reason, its a durable, reliable and all around solidly designed pistol. There is however another pistol on the market that is taking a shot at the title of “Most Popular Pistol” and thats the Smith & Wesson M&P series polymer pistols.

Lets compare the two pistols and see how they stack up.

First off let’s look at the triggers. The Glock trigger is a little spongy when firing from the forwardmost position, and has a bit of takeup before the break but is very crisp breaking trigger with a short reset. The M&P is equally as spongy (at least for the first few hundred rounds out of the box) but with a longer take up and slightly longer reset. It does however have an overall more consistent trigger pull between letting the trigger out to the reset point of all the way forward. I’ll give the Glock a slight edge out of the box but not much since after about 250 rounds I actually began to perfer the M&P trigger.

Next we’ll look at the magazines. Both mags work well and have no issues. The M&P either come in stainless or melonite coated stainless and drop free perfectly. Th Glock mags Perform just as well but have the polymer coating that adds some durability to them. I’ll give the edge to the Glock mags definitely for their durability.

Next will be the controls, your slide lock and mag release. On both pistols they function the same and for my money I see neither as being better then the other since they are both easy to operate. The M&P controls do give you a little more area to to get a grip on so for those of you out there who like to replace your Glock controls for extended controls you might like the M&P better out of the box. I’ll call this one even as they both function as they should.

Now let’s talk about the ergonomics of the pistols. The Glock is not known for its comfortable grip, it was designed as a military sidearm, nothing more nothing less, it was designed to work, not be ergonomic. The M&P on the other hand is a very ergonmic pistol and very comfortable to shoot. The edge definitely goes to the M&P.

Looks are the next thing we’ll discuss and hands down this goes to the M&P. The Glock is a very utilitarian looking pistol due to its afore mentioned design, and theres nothing wrong with that and I do know more than a few people who see the beauty in the Glock’s simple design, but the M&P is a much better looking pistol.

Finally we’ll look at the reliability and durability of these pistols. There is no doubt that even though the Glock has had much more time to prove itself that both of these pistols are equally as reliable and durable. Both pistols have been designed with rugged durability in mind. This one is a tie.

So bottom line is this, the Glock is a fantastic pistol and it will be the king for a long time I’m sure, but the M&P is for all intents and purposes an upgraded Glock. It takes everything we love about the Glock and adds better ergonomics and better looks. Either one of these pistols will serve you well for a long time.

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