I.O. AK47 Review

The I.O. AK47-c is a standard AK variant, pretty much what you’d expect from an American company building AK’s. Now lets look at the two types of I.O. AK’s there are on the market.

The first type is the older model I.O. AK47’s that were Romanian parts kit builds with some U.S. made parts installed, these parts being the muzzle nut, muzzle brake, barrel, gas piston, trigger group, receiver & the furniture. Now this is what I consider a “Hybrid” made I.O. AK and is basically an upgraded WASR. These models sold for a variety of prices depending on where you purchased them and ranged from $550 to $650 when they first hit the market more than 5 years ago, but can be found now for around $450. Basically they were good solid AK’s that took a WASR and added enuff parts for 922r compliance and fixed some of the WASR’s more common issues like mag wobble and feeding problems. These models are no longer offered by I.O. but there are still plenty of them out there on the market for sale.

The second type of I.O. AK47 is the 100% U.S. made AK47-c with all parts manufactured here in the U.S. and assembled at I.O. headquarters. These are the current models that I.O. offers. They have various models all bascially the same AK with different furniture and accessories. These models are fairly well built and affordable, ranging in price from $400 to $550 depending on where u buy, but value wise I say stick to $450 or less. Now in fairness I have heard of some issues with people complaining about canted sights and loose handguards but nothing too serious and nothing any worse than any other manufacturer out there.

I personally perfer the older “Hybrid” models as I have a fondness for it being built with original eastern block parts, but can recommend the newer models as well.

Another thing to mention is that I.O. has a lifetime warranty that they are known for honoring quite well without any headaches.

All in all I think the I.O. is a good value in an AK47 platform. Definitely worth checking out, it’s a good solid AK that would make either a great shooter or even a great start to a tactical AK.

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