MAGPUL B.A.D. Lever Review

The B.A.D. lever from Magpul (or Battery Assist Device) is a great little accessory for your AR rifle or pistol.

For anyone who hasn’t used one, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of them in action or on a friends AR. The device is so simple in its design and intended use and is a great solution to what many people feel is a problem with the AR platform that its a wonder every AR built doesn’t have one installed from the factory.

Now for anyone who doesn’t know, what the B.A.D. lever does is allow you to operate your bolt release/hold open with your trigger finger. A great option for any AR.

But lets look at the operational functionality of the B.A.D. lever in comparison to the original AR designed bolt release/hold open.

The bolt release function of the original equipment simply needs to be tapped with your support hand (for a right handed shooter) to release the bolt and chamber a round so nothing too abnormal or inconvenient.

Whereas the B.A.D. lever allows you to simply release the bolt and chamber a round by flicking your trigger finger and keeping your support hand in the support position.

For the bolt hold open function the original equipment makes it to where you will need to take your trigger hand (for a right handed shooter) off the grip to pull back on the charging handle while engaging the hold open latch with your support hand. A very akward position and it takes you off target and out of a shooting position by removing your hand from the grip.

The B.A.D. lever simply has you pull the charging handle with you support hand and flick the lever with your trigger finger to hold open the bolt while never taking your hand off the grip or away from the trigger.

Now this second option for the B.A.D. lever for holding the bolt open is what I think make this device mandatory for any AR. The bolt release feature is nice but not needed and you should train to run the bolt release as intended anyway in my opinion.

So for an average price of somewhere between $25 to $30 bucks it’s definitely one of the most affordable and most useful accessories to your AR.

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