Scout Rifle – What is it?

The idea of a Scout Rifle is something I’ve been facinated with for awhile now. Its a particular type of firearm that I’ve noticed has gained alot of popularity and is being talked about quite alot lately.

But just what is a Scout Rifle?

The term Scout Rifle was coined by Jeff Cooper in the early 1980’s (if you don’t know who Jeff Cooper is I highly recommend doing a little research since he was one of the most influential and knowlagable firearm and training experts to ever live). The term was used by Mr. Cooper to describe a certain type of rifle that he envisioned would be just about the perfect all around rifle for almost any situation. So lets take a look at the characteristics, as set forth by Mr. Cooper, that a proper Scout Rifle should have.

First he described the Scout Rifle as being a bolt action rifle which allows for maximum reliability and durability.

Next a proper Scout Rifle should be in a caliber like .308, 7mm-08 or something similar, but should preferably be a .30 caliber round.

It should weigh less than 6.6 lbs (3 kilograms).

It should have dependable iron sights and an optic of some sort.

It should use a practical sling.

It should be capable of hitting a man sized target out to 450 meters without a scope.

An overall length of 1 meter or less (a hair over 39 inches)

And last but certainly not least, there should be easy access to the top of the action to allow for easy and rapid reloading (this last characteristic usually means that a forward mounted “scout” style scope is required).

So judging by these guidelines there aren’t alot of true Scout Rifles on the market. Sure there are a few companies that make a model of Scout Rifle like Ruger, Springfield and Savage, but these tend to be a little pricey and hard to find. For my money I perfer to build a rifle of my own but thats a whole other article.

So there you have it, those are the basics of what a true Scout Rifle is. Now go get yourself one and enjoy!

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