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.22 for Defense? – Opinions & Ammo Porn

Zombie Survival Kit

So there you are, in your house, about to to make the decision to leave your home for better pastures and see what the world has in store for you. Oh, and did I mention …….. the dead have risen from their graves!!!

Thats right, it’s Z-Day and you’ve finally run out of supplies and can no longer defend your home from the hordes of the undead. You’ve got very little time and you need to gather the essential supplies to survive your trek across the zombie littered countryside in search of fellow survivors and a secure location to ride out the Zombie Apocalypse!!

So let’s take a look at some of the essential items you’ll need to grab to survive

1) Guns & Ammo – Yup thats right, the standard in defense for the zombie apocalypse. But choose wisely. Remember, the goal is to put a round in the brain pan, nothing more, nothing less. Also you want to be able to carry as many rounds of ammunition as possible because you don’t know how long you’ll be without support and the ability to re-supply. And last but certainly not least you’ll want to choose a firearm with a common caliber to make it easier to scavenge for more ammo. Some of the better choices are …..

.22lr rifle or pistol
Rifle in .223 (think AR15)
9mm handgun or carbine
Or any combination of the above

2) Flashlight – Pretty simple I know but this one could very well save your life more than the firearm. What would be worse than finding a quiet building to stay secure for the night, only to discover that the dark room you’ve just walked into holds a crawling, legless zombie who with little to no effort makes dinner of your leg. All of which could’ve been avoided if you’d had a flashlight to illuminate the situation.

3) Food & Water – This one is harder than you might think. You definitely want to grab as much as you can carry but you also want to grab what you’ll need to gather more when that runs out. Think items like a canteen, water purification tabs, small cooking pot & fire starting materials. Also knowing how to hunt or what plant life is edible might be a good thing to know.

4) Knife – Nothing can replace a good knife as one of the most valuable tools to keep on you at all times. Great for standard survival duties and also a good last resort defensive weapon.

5) Contamination kit – This is always an essential item for Z-Day because you don’t want to worry about infection. A standard kit should include rubber gloves some standard kitchen trash bags, a small tarp and some kind of cleaning agent (preferably bleach or alcohol)

6) Med-Kit – Certainly a must have because at the end of the day, you don’t want to get taken out by that small cut you got jumping over that fence, that got infected because you didn’t have a bandage and some antibiotic ointment.

7) Close Combat Weapon – This should be something easily wielded and simple. Think something along the lines of a Baseball bat, Machete, Sword, Hatchet, Axe or something similar. Just remember to keep it as light as possible without giving up power, a sledgehammer for instance sounds great because of the damage it can do but it’s weight makes it hard to carry on foot and makes it hard to swing more than once quickly.

Well thats it, those are the basics you’ll need to start making your way through the “Land of the Dead”. There will always be other items you might find useful on your journey but remember being able to move quickly is key to survival.

Marlin 795 Rifle Review

There are many .22 lr rifles out there on the market. So many in fact that it can be quite a chore to decide which one might be right for you. Today we’ll look at one I picked up a few months ago, the Marlin 795.

At first glance it’s a rather standard looking semi auto 22 rifle by todays standards. It’s a blued steel barrel and action with a synthetic stock and comes with one 10 round stainless steel magazine.

It comes in at 37″ inches long, with an 18″ inch barrel and weighs in at just under 4.5 lbs (pretty light even for a 22 rifle). It comes with a crossblot safety right behind the trigger, which I personally prefer to some of the other tang style or flip style safeties on the market.

Now in addittion to the standard features that most .22’s offer this one also offers a couple features not commonly seen on less expensive .22’s.

First off it has a last round bolt hold open which is a great feature to have on a 22 because like most of us out there who don’t realize the mag is empty until we hear the click when we pull the trigger, this one lets you know your empty with you having to dryfire your rifle.

The next feature I particularly liked about this rifle was the bolt release lever in front of the trigger making it easy to get your rifle back on target after inserting a new mag, simply by using your trigger finger to flip the release down and let the bolt forward and chamber a new round.

Accuracy was what you’d expect for a .22 rifle with an 18″ barrel. I was shooting 2″ inch groups at 50 yards in an unsupported position. I’m sure the rifle is far more accurate than I am as I’m sure a better marksman than I could easily get smaller groups with this rifle at farther distances.

With its weight and overall length I think this rifle would shine as a camping or backpacking rifle for plinking or small game hunting because its easy to carry without worrying about adding too much weight and space to the rest of your gear. Also if your looking for a smaller lighter 22 rifle for your kids or wife this would fit the bill nicely.

Now I got this rifle on special at a local sporting goods store for $115 plus a $25 dollar rebate, so $90 bucks all said and done. Regular price on these run around the $120 to $140 range which puts it in line with other 22’s on the market like the Savage 64 or Remington 514 or the Mossberg 702.

All in all its reliable, fun, well built rifle with a couple extras over some other 22’s on the market and for the price its well worth picking one up ……. after all, who couldn’t use another .22.

Savage Model 64 Review

The Savage Model 64 has been around for some time. Its gained quite the reputation for being a great .22 rifle. Lets look at some of it features and specs and get a good feel for this rifle.

First off lets get the specs out of the way …..

Weights – 5lbs
Barrel Length – 20.5″
Rate of twist – 16
Overall Length – 40″
Ammo Capacity – 10 rounds
Detachable Box Magazine
Semi-Auto action
MSRP – $160

Now as far as how this rifle feels in hand, the clear answer is …… Great!

Its a fantasitc rifle that works just as well for samll game hunting as it does for plinking. Taking small game with a good scope within 100 yards should be no problem with this rifle.

Now at 5lbs it comes in a bit heavier than some other 22 rifles out there on the market but that weight really isn’t noticed once you get the rifle in action, it really just adds to the overall durable feel of this rifle.

Another thing to take into consideration is that this gun is extremely well priced for its quality, with an average price range of $120 to $130 at most retailers. With the quality of this rifle your going to be comparing it to something like a Ruger 10/22 so for the price (somewhere around $60 cheaper than the Ruger) your getting a great deal.

The only downside to the Savage is the lack of accessories, other than a couple replacement stocks and extra factory mags there isn’t much on the market.

All in all its a great little rifle and one I can easily recommend for all your plinking or small game hunting needs.