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Savage Model 64 Review

The Savage Model 64 has been around for some time. Its gained quite the reputation for being a great .22 rifle. Lets look at some of it features and specs and get a good feel for this rifle.

First off lets get the specs out of the way …..

Weights – 5lbs
Barrel Length – 20.5″
Rate of twist – 16
Overall Length – 40″
Ammo Capacity – 10 rounds
Detachable Box Magazine
Semi-Auto action
MSRP – $160

Now as far as how this rifle feels in hand, the clear answer is …… Great!

Its a fantasitc rifle that works just as well for samll game hunting as it does for plinking. Taking small game with a good scope within 100 yards should be no problem with this rifle.

Now at 5lbs it comes in a bit heavier than some other 22 rifles out there on the market but that weight really isn’t noticed once you get the rifle in action, it really just adds to the overall durable feel of this rifle.

Another thing to take into consideration is that this gun is extremely well priced for its quality, with an average price range of $120 to $130 at most retailers. With the quality of this rifle your going to be comparing it to something like a Ruger 10/22 so for the price (somewhere around $60 cheaper than the Ruger) your getting a great deal.

The only downside to the Savage is the lack of accessories, other than a couple replacement stocks and extra factory mags there isn’t much on the market.

All in all its a great little rifle and one I can easily recommend for all your plinking or small game hunting needs.