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Ammo Prices – Why So High?

Well you’ve probably noticed that ammo prices seem to be creeping up lately. They’ve actually been slowly creeping up for about the last 6 months but it appears that only recently have people begun to notice.

So why do prices seem to be going up and what seem to be the most commonly affected calibers?

First we’ll answer the caliber question and that’ll help answer the why.

The calibers that seem to be affected the most by this price jump seem to be your most common calibers with 7.62×39 – 9mm – .40S&W – .223/5.56×45 being the most noticable calibers to creep up on price.

So on to the why. Now keep in mind that gun sales are at somewhere over three times what they were three years ago at the end of ’08 begining of ’09. This in itself will increase demand for ammo putting more pressure on manufacturers to do thing like purchase new equipment which can affect prices and availability.

Also if we take notice of the above mentioned calibers that seem to be affected most we can see that the semi-auto pistol and “Tactical” rifle market seems to be affected the most, which makes sense as many new gun owners are purchasing these exact types of firearms.

Another thing we have to take into consideration is, why are there so many new gun owners and why are they purchasing these most common calibers for these types of firearms in such quantities? The answer is simple …….. Politics.

Since the 2008 elections politics have driven gun and ammo sales for many obvious reasons and that in turn affects price …… simple theory of supply and demand.

So here we see it again, less than 6 months before the next election and it seem like along with gun and ammo sales steadily rising that the manufacturers are ahead of the game with supply and demand. They know their product is in high demand for the election and their going to enjoy it while they can.

My advice is as always, stock up on what you can when you can, because ammo is getting a little hard to find and just because we might be getting milked a bit by some manufacturers be assured that with a declining economy and a dollar loosing value that prices won’t be going down anytime soon.

Remember, a gun without ammo is just a funny looking paperweight.

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