Taurus PT709 Slim Review

Taurus has come a long way in the firearms industry in the last 10 years, and the PT709 Slim is just one example of how far they’ve come in being a big player in the firearms industry.

The 709 is a compact slim pistol designed for mainly concealed carry. It weighs in at 19 oz, is 6″ long, 4 1/2″ tall, 7/8″ wide & is chambered in 9mm, with a 7+1 capacity, giving it plenty of bang for it’s size.

It is comparable to the Ruger LC9 and Kel-Tec PF9 in size, weight & capacity, however what makes the 709 stand out among the others is the trigger, it’s not a long 11 to 12 lb double action trigger, the trigger on the 709 comes in at right about 6 lbs with an extremely clean break and short reset, truely one of the best triggers I’ve felt on a small practically pocket sized pistol.

Now along with having an extremely light trigger (by pocket pistol standards) it also has a manual safety. Now some people will cry foul on that for a carry weapon but it doesn’t bother me at all, especially since I never use it. I guess it’s just a nice feature to have if your uneasy about carrying in condition 1.

The pistol shoots extremely smooth and very accurate at self defense distances, the only complaint I have about the pistol is the grip, it is quite a bit smaller than the grips on the afore mentioned LC9 & PF9 making it a bit harder to find the right purchase on the grip when firing, especially for follow up shots. Now this is just a small complaint and if you don’t have freakishly long fingers like I do then this may not even be an issue for you, but it is worth mentioning. The upside about having a small grip is that when conceal carrying the smaller grip means less of the gun is sticking up out of your IWB holster.

Now let’s discuss price. MSRP on these is around $489 and is completely out of the ballpark, most new 709’s will go for somewhere between $300 to $350 depending on where u shop and I’ve seen used 709’s sell for as little as $225, so keep your eyes peeled for a good deal.

All in all it’s a great concealed carry pistol for a great price, easily one of the top choices for a slim conceal carry 9mm.

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