Why Glocks Suck!

So there is alot debate about Glocks. People either seem to love ’em or hate ’em. But today we’re going to be answering one very important question that both Glock haters and lovers should know the answer to ……… Why do Glocks suck?

So lets look at some of the things people complain about most when it comes to the Glock pistol.

First off, the sights. Everyone, even alot of Glock lovers seem to hate the sight, they’re cheap, plastic and just low grade compared to many sights on the market.

Next is the controls. How many Glock owners complain about the mag release and slide stop and eventually end up replacing them with extended controls.

Then we have the grip texture and grip angle. How many businesses are there making a living by stippling frames and shaving backstraps because Glock lovers have to modify their Glocks to work for them.

Then of course we have the looks. Lets face it, Glocks aren’t the prettiest girl at the ball. They’re more reminiscent of the less attractive girl you try to push off on your friend so you can have a chance at her cousin.

So those are the reasons why people tend to dislike Glock and those very same reasons are the thing Glock lovers modify or replace most often while proclaiming their love for Glocks.

So now back to the question ……… Why do Glocks Suck?

Glocks suck because with all the things that people complain about and modify on their Glock, and because it looks like something Gaston Glock originally intended to be a hammer …….. Glocks suck because despite those reasons, its so damn reliable and durable that u just can’t go wrong with one, because crappy controls, sights, grip angle and all ……… it just works!

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